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"Benedicto XVI has serious health problems"

Due to a spanish journalist

Benedicto XVI


   The spanish journalist Paloma Gómez Borrero, admitted on April 9 that Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus health has deteriorated very rapidly in recent weeks.

    Paloma was the first correspondent woman in the Vatican , who just published his book Francis Benedict. The Conclave of change, which describes the mysteries surrounding the election of the new Pontiff, as well as answers to various questions many of us have done, for example: What led the pope to make the decision to abdicate?, Did he do so consciously, knowing he was pushing the Church to renewal?

   She is the only one with the capacity to answer this kind of questions cause she spent 25 years as head of correspondent and witnessed four conclaves and Benedict sounded resignation.

    The state of the Pope' s health was, in the words of Paloma Gomez Borrero: "Benedict XVI has something very serious. In 15 days he has suffered tremendous physical deterioration, those are my news." Some news coming while the journalist launches his book.

   Furthermore, Paloma has turned all alarms on after declaring: "We would not see him for much longer from now on", also add: "Chances are Pope Emeritus no longer reside at the monastery Master Ecclesiae".

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