Justin Bieber squeeze Madrid

Justin Bieber
Actualizado 3/15/2013 12:38:26 PM CET


Justin Bierber arrived fourty minutes late to his concert in Madrid, last night. The reason, it colud be the crazy day he spent the day before yesterday, taking a big walk all around Madrid.

He took advantage of his stay in Madrid. In the morning he went to the chain store, El Corte Inglés, where he walked to the sports department, where some fans stalked at him. He quickly get out of the big store. To go to another place.

As he love the soccer, he did not want to miss the official store of the spanish soccer team Real Madrid, where he bought the equipping of the team. When he left the store, he throw down the ticket of what he bought.

To get de-stress before the concert, he decided to go to a basketball court, in the sport center Triángulo de Oro. There he played a little match with some people that were there playing their usual Wednesday match, and this young singer ask them, if he could play with them.

After the match he went to the hotel to get dressed and handsome, to go to dinner to an italian restaurant near the hotel, called La Nicoletta. After the good dinner, he did not hesitate to get down the dinner, moving the body. They went to one of the biggest nightclubs of Madrid, named Teatro Kapital, where he took a VIP area where he was surrounded by the faithful fans.

All the band, has been moving all around Madrid in a two floors bus.

But, as we know the best fans of Justin Bieber, are there parents and his little brother Jaxon, who always accompany him in all his trips. We have seen them leaving the hotel where singer was staying.

Here you can see the pictures the day before the concert.

Here you can see the pictures of the concert.