COMUNICADO: Lignite Energy: A Cost-efficient Fuel for the Asphalt Industry

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COLOGNE, France, October 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

New bowl-mill crusher of RWE Power increases production capacity by 500,000 tons - Considerable cost advantages compared with oil and gas

In view of volatile energy and commodity markets, energy-intensive sectors like the asphalt industry are looking for a fuel at permanently low and predictable prices that is available in the long term. To this must be added the wish for flexible supply at consistently high quality.

Dried and pulverized lignite has established itself as an attractively priced substitute for hard coal, natural gas and petroleum products. Under the product name "lignite energy pulverized" it is marketed Europe-wide by Rheinbraun Brennstoff GmbH (RBB), a subsidiary of RWE Power AG.

The price advantage compared with other energy sources has made this versatile industrial fuel the undisputed market leader among Germany's operators of asphalt-mixing plants. Companies all over Europe can benefit from the competitive advantages the use of "lignite energy pulverized" offers.

Delivery is by silo truck or railway tank waggon. And the next steps to firing, too, are in a closed system, just as in the case of oil and gas. Investment in silo, dosing plant and burner - about EUR300,000 per mixing plant - usually pays off in less than two years.

European companies discovering Germany's market leader

RBB concludes long-term contracts with customers and delivers the fuel at a fixed price agreed in advance. Energy-price fluctuations are thus a thing of the past. The plant operator gains a dependable costing basis, giving him the planning certainty he needs.

With the commissioning of a second bowl-mill crusher in July 2012, RWE Power has increased its annual production capacity to more than three million tons of "lignite energy pulverized", so that it will be possible in future as well to meet the growing demand for pulverized lignite without any problems. Customers in France and the Benelux countries and even in Eastern Europe appreciate this fact.

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