COMUNICADO: Europe[*] Spent an Average of EUR279 Billion in 2016 on Holidays (y 2)

Publicado 01/12/2016 9:02:27CET

Mean own
abroad country
incl. incl. Spend per Per capita
non- non- Spend per holiday Per capita spend, in
holidayers holidayers holiday in own spend, own
abroad country abroad country

UK 1.233 1.890 GBP2148.40 GBP406.80 GBP2648.98 GBP768.85

France 1.065 2.282 EUR2245.70 EUR603.40 EUR2391.68 EUR1376.96

Germany 1.503 2.299 EUR2403.10 EUR586.10 EUR3611.86 EUR1347.44

Italy 1.826 3.565 EUR2457.20 EUR691.90 EUR4486.85 EUR2466.62

(table continued)

Total per per
capita capita Total
Total per spend (UK spend
capita in Euros, among
holiday today's spending all
spend rate) rank adults

UK GBP3417.83 EUR3977.64 3rd EUR206.8billion/ GBP177billion

France EUR3768.64 EUR3768.64 4th EUR199billion

Germany EUR4959.30 EUR4959.30 2nd EUR349.5billion

Italy EUR6953.47 EUR6953.47 1st EUR358.9billion

Factoring in the amount spent, and using today's mid-market exchange rate* (GBP1 = EUR1.16379, the fact that Brits go on more holidays abroad than the French bumps the UK above France in per capita holiday spending, with Italy and Germany retaining the top two spots.

Exchange rate taken from at 16:05, 18/11/2016

*** Average holidays taken:  

For the most travelled nation calculation, we need to factor in the people who did not qualify for the survey (i.e. those who said they did not travel either abroad or in their own country), in order to calculate the average for the populations as a whole. The resulting calculations for this work out as follows, with the whole population figures in green:

Total mean
% who go Mean Mean incl. Mean Mean incl. holidays
on holidays non-holida holidays in non-holida (whole
holidays abroad yers own country yers pop.) Rank
UK 82.19% 1.5 1.233 2.3 1.890 3.123 4th
France 76.08% 1.4 1.065 3 2.282 3.347 3rd
Germany 88.43% 1.7 1.503 2.6 2.299 3.802 2nd
Italy 86.95% 2.1 1.826 4.1 3.565 5.391 1st


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