COMUNICADO: From Paris to London in a Flying Car - Today- June 14th 2017- VAYLON X CARTIER

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AMBLETEUSE, France, June 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

When a dream becomes reality ....

This Morning 8:03 Lift-off Landing 8:53 (French Time) 50 minutes of flight

Jerome Dauffy achieved his crazy challenge: to drive a flying car across the sea.

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The sea crossing started in Ambleteuse, cote d'opale (France) to Douvres, England. 

One you would read it in Jules Verne's novels, the Pegasus project is both a sporting feat and an outstanding human adventure. 

Test pilot Bruno Vezzoli drove his Pegasus out of Paris, flyed it across the Channel, then drove it to London.

What better godfather for this feat than Alberto Santos Dumont himself. He who preferred to take his air-balloon rather than his car to go to his daily meetings in Paris! The Pegasus project is sponsored by Cartier, in accordance with their life-long tradition of supporting aviation pioneers and innovativeness.

The Vaylon Pegasus

A flying car ? What seemed like a crazy idea a few years ago has now become a reality, brought by visionaries: combining a car with a microlight aircraft. The Vaylon only needs 100 meters to take off, and 30 meters to land. It can fly as fast as 80km per hour, and keeps an altitude of 3000 metres, with a flying autonomy of 3 hours. The Vaylon Pegasus is the first flying car that was certified by European authorities for both driving and flying. 

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