COMUNICADO: "Tackling Problems Head-on is the Decisive Factor for Success in Protecting the Environment", German President Joachim G

Publicado 30/10/2016 17:02:02CET

WÜRZBURG, Germany, October 30, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

In Würzburg today, the German President presented the German Environmental Prize to

van Abel, Feess and Mettke

"The will to tackle problems head-on is a decisive factor for success in protecting the environment - for your success, honored Prize recipients, and for the successful work of the environmental foundation. Your achievements confirm this to me: we can look optimistically into the future. We can be of good cheer about learning behavior which involves appreciating the riches of our planet and respecting the limits of Earth's resilience." - With these words, German President Joachim Gauck honored today in Würzburg the new recipients of the German Environmental Prize from the German Federal Environmental Foundation (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, DBU), and the DBU itself, in the 25th year of its existence. The President personally presented the award - the highest-endowed independent environmental prize in Europe -- in Würzburg to the entrepreneur Bas van Abel (39, of Amsterdam), the scientist Prof. Dr.-Ing. Angelika Mettke (64, of Cottbus) and the entrepreneur Walter Feess (62, of Kirchheim/Teck). Van Abel receives 250,000 euros. The other half of the prize money will be divided between Mettke and Feess.  

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