COMUNICADO: GfK Group on Course for Success With Strong Third Quarter

Actualizado 14/11/2007 15:42:11 CET

NUREMBERG, Germany, November 14 /PRNewswire/ -- In the third quarter, GfK exceeded the excellent results achieved in the prior year. Organic sales growth in the third quarter amounted to 6.7%. Compared to the third quarter of 2006, adjusted operating income rose by 7.2% to 39.0 million euros. At 13.9%, the margin, that is the ratio of adjusted operating income to sales, was higher in this quarter than the figure for the same period in the prior year of 13.7%.

Organic sales growth in the first nine months of 2007 stood at 5.5%. Overall, sales rose by 4.2% to 833.9 million euros. The development in sales at the GfK Group was adversely affected by negative currency effects in the amount of 1.9%. Adjusted operating income increased to 102.5 million euros. At 12.3%, the margin came close to the prior year's high figure of 12.5%. There was a disproportionately high increase in EBIT of 7.0% to 90.3 million euros. Consolidated total income rose considerably by 12.7% to 51.2 million euros.

The trend in the order situation at the GfK Group remained very favorable. By the end of October, 95.6% of the expected GfK Group sales for 2007 were already posted or included under existing orders. This considerably outstrips the high figure in the previous year of 93.0%.

For the full financial year, GfK still expects to increase its sales on the basis of its favorable order situation by more than 5% in organic terms.

By the end of October, the order books already cover 95.6% of the sales expected for the year compared to 93.0% in the prior year. The margin, that is adjusted operating income to sales, is set to reach up to 13.5% for the GfK Group.

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