COMUNICADO: Green By Nature: Valeo's Eco-Friendly Technologies Exhibited at Tokyo Motor Show 2007

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TOKYO, October 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Valeo's eco-friendly technologies will be exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show to demonstrate that Valeo is indeed Green by Nature. Valeo has long been dedicated to protecting the environment through eco-friendly products and systems as well as cleaner factories and manufacturing processes.

Today, Valeo's Green by nature solutions, when combined, can offer up to 40% fuel savings and CO2 emissions reduction:

E--Valve: Electromagnetic Valve Actuation - 15-20% reduction in CO2 emissions

Valeo E-Valve technology is based on a variable valve actuation system that replaces the conventional mechanical system for major fuel economy, improved engine performance and easier driving.

StARS Micro-Hybrid - 6-15% reduction in CO2 emissions

The StARS System features the capacity to stop and then restart the engine immediately and silently. StARS saves fuel and reduces emissions significantly when the vehicle is stopped at red lights and in traffic jams without disrupting the motorist's normal driving habits. This system was first launched on the Citroën C3 and this year will be launched on the smart fortwo mhd (micro hybrid drive).

Double Dry Clutch - 4-6% reduction in CO2 emissions

An alternative to hydraulic automatic transmissions, the Double Dry Clutch transmission features one clutch for even gears and one clutch for odd gears. This provides the comfort of an automatic transmission and the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission.

THEMIS(TM) Valve - up to 4% reduction in CO2 emissions

The Themis Valve offers full coolant flow management throughout the engine, radiator and heater and is integrated into the engine coolant outlet. Fuel economy, reduced emissions, faster engine warm-up and improved HVAC performance are among the numerous benefits of the THEMIS(TM) Valve.

Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation system - 5-7% reduction in CO2 emissions

The primary function of Cooled EGR Systems has been to reduce the formation of nitrogen oxides in diesel engines. Recently, Cooled EGR has been applied to gasoline engines to improve fuel economy by allowing higher compression ratios.

UltimateCooling(TM) - 3-5% reduction in CO2emissions

UltimateCooling(TM) is a new cooling system to optimize thermal energy management by running all fluids through one coolant loop. As well as offering significant fuel economy, the UltimateCooling(TM) System also enhances vehicle design by reducing front-end overhang (20% to 40% reduction over conventional systems).

As a first step of the UltimateCooling(TM) system, the Valeo water-cooled charge air cooler equips the Volkswagen Golf 1.4 l TSI. The system includes an air-to-water heat exchanger in which the intake air is cooled by a coolant flow. The turbocharger system therefore benefits from more efficient cooling and also a shorter charge air duct, together they contribute to improved acceleration.

High efficiency A/C systems - 3% reduction in CO2 emissions

Valeo introduces a new smart R134a air conditioning loop. Innovative and lighter components, combined with a computer-aided A/C control algorithm, allow the system to operate always close to the efficiency optimum. This leads to lower power consumption and a significant fuel economy.

Green products and systems are only a part of the solution. Green manufacturing facilities and processes are equally crucial. Valeo's "generic factory" concept ensures that environmental factors are given top priority at all manufacturing sites-from design blueprints through to operations-all around the world. Reduced electricity and water consumption, minimum waste, increased recycling rates, employee safety and a global awareness of the way Valeo can impact nature: the employee education programs are designed to help every individual find eco-friendly solutions.

In striving to bring customers products and systems that enable them to build ever cleaner automobiles, Valeo's goal is two-fold: to protect the planet and to provide its customers with real added-value products to differentiate their vehicles through enhanced comfort and environmental protection at the best possible cost.

Valeo booth at Tokyo Motor Show is located in the center hall, stand C001. A press conference will be held on 25th October, 5pm on the Valeo stand.

Valeo is an independent industrial group dedicated to the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for cars and trucks. It is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers. The Group has 136 production sites, 68 R&D centers, 9 distribution platforms, and employs 74,800 people in 30 countries.

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Claire Vidal Pilo, Media Relations, Tel: +33-1-40-55-21-26

Sylvie Delion, Media Relations, Tel: +33-1-40-55-20-96

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For all additional information, please contact: Claire Vidal Pilo, Media Relations, Tel: +33-1-40-55-21-26, Sylvie Delion, Media Relations, Tel: +33-1-40-55-20-96,

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