COMUNICADO: Natsource Reports Explosive Growth in the Greenhouse Gas Market in 2005 and First Quarter of 2006 (y 2)

Actualizado 10/05/2006 13:20:27 CET

-- Growth in trading of project-based emission reductions continues to
increase year over year. Total trade of project-based emission
reductions increased from 110 Mt in 2004 to 374.3 Mt in 2005. 79 Mt
were traded in the first three months of 2006. Since 2001, traded
volumes have increased by a factor of 40, from approximately 9 Mt in
2001 to 374.3 Mt in 2005.
-- Prices for compliant project-based reductions have increased, but vary
considerably depending on type and contract terms. In 2005, the
(volume-weighted) average price paid for Verified Emission
Reductions (VERs - candidate CERs from CDM projects that have not been
registered by the CDM Executive Board) was US$4.43, up 12% from
US$3.95 in 2004. In Q1 2006, the average VER price was US$5.65, up 14%
from the 2005 average price. The average price for CERs (candidate
CERs from CDM projects that have been registered) in 2005 was US$7.04,
up 37% from US$5.15 in 2004. In Q1 2006, the average CER price jumped
to US$11.56, up 64% from the 2005 average price. In the secondary
market, the average price for CERs in 2005 was US$22.21, or nearly
300% higher than the 2004 average price of US$5.82. In Q1 2006, the
average price was US$23.33. The average price for Emission Reduction
Units (ERUs) from Joint Implementation (JI) projects in 2005 was
US$4.63. This represented a 22% decrease from the 2004 average price
of US$5.95. In Q1 2006, the average ERU price was US$7.18. The ERU
price lag was perhaps due to perceived risks and uncertainties
relating to the JI institutional framework at the national and
international level.
-- HFC23 destruction projects accounted for the largest share of traded
reductions. HFC23 destruction projects created CERs that accounted for
58% of project-based transaction volumes, up significantly from 36% in
2004. The next-largest categories were landfill gas projects, at 9% of
traded volume, and coal mine methane, at 6% of traded volume. The
combined share of hydro, wind, biomass, other renewables and energy
efficiency projects declined in 2005.
-- China created 66% of the project-based reductions traded. Asia created
73% of the project-based reductions that were traded during 2005 and
Q1 2006. China alone created 66%, up from only 5% in 2004. India's
share decreased from 43% in 2004 to only 3% in 2005 and Q1 2006. Latin
America accounted for 17% of traded volumes, down from 25% in 2004.
Projects located in Brazil created 10% of traded volumes - second
after China.
-- European buyers are largest buyers in the market, followed by the
Japanese private sector. EU buyers purchased 56% of the project-based
reductions that were created in 2005 and Q1 2006, up from 41% in 2004.
77% of European purchases (or 43% of total market volume) are
attributed to private sector buyers. Japan accounted for 38% of traded
volumes (versus 36% in 2004), with the private sector accounting for
nearly all of these transactions.

Natsource has been a major participant in the GHG market since the late 1990s. In October 2005, Natsource announced the final close of the Greenhouse Gas-Credit Aggregation Pool (GG-CAP). A total of euro 510 million (approximately US$640 million) was committed to GG-CAP by 26 participants located in Europe, Japan and Canada. This capital will be used to purchase and manage delivery of a large pool of CERs and ERUs which participants can use to comply with GHG emission targets from 2005-2012.

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Natsource LLC is a leading emissions and renewable energy asset management firm. The company's Asset Management, Transaction Services and Advisory and Research Services business units utilize their regulatory, market and trading expertise to assist private firms around the world in the strategic management of environmental risk, and to provide superior returns to investors by taking advantage of opportunities in local, regional, and global emissions and renewable energy markets. Natsource is headquartered in New York and has offices in Calgary, La Paz, London, Ottawa, Tokyo and Washington, DC, providing the company with global reach and proximity to many of the world's leading financial centers. More information is available at

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