COMUNICADO: Valeo Driving Assistance, From Innovations to Valeo Added Applications

Actualizado 24/10/2007 20:44:58 CET

TOKYO, October 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Valeo's Driving Assistance Domain strategy focuses on the development of systems that continuously monitor the vehicle's immediate external surroundings and then inform the driver, and other road users, of all potential unseen hazards. If necessary, the appropriate corrective action is triggered.

"Driving Assistance" technologies developed by Valeo in the past years such as blind spot detection, lane departure warning and semi-automatic parking have now become a reality on the road and will continue in the future to be expanded on a wide range of vehicles as the need for safety and comfort grows.

Indeed latest studies conducted among drivers in Europe, Asia and the United States clearly show that driver expectations for future vehicles relate primarily to safety and in particular active safety for collision avoidance. The studies reveal that the most important purchasing criteria of consumers is safety, quoted by 65% of respondents, ahead of reliability (52%) and comfort (39%). Drivers wish to be fully informed about their environment and alerted to potential hazards so as to be able to take appropriate decisions, e.g. whether to brake, accelerate, turn, etc.

In order to proactively answer these market expectations, Valeo is focusing on cameras, sensors and radars that provide a safety net around the vehicle for improved driver's comfort.

Using multifunction camera technology, Valeo is creating now standards on the market for driving assistance systems,

-- LaneVue(TM): Lane Departure Warning System. This system detects involuntary changes in vehicle trajectory and alerts the driver with a sound, visual or vibratory warning signal. LaneVue(TM): already equips Infiniti models in the USA.

-- BeamAtic(TM) : High beam/low beam automation. This system enables automatic switching between high and low beams according to traffic conditions. The next generation BeamAticplus(TM) offers progressive automation to avoid glaring.

With ultrasonic sensor-based Park4U(TM), Valeo demonstrated its ability to offer market-driven innovations that truly improve drivers' daily driving experience. Launched on the Volkswagen Touran, this semi-automatic parking system is now extended to Tiguan, Cross Touran, and soon other vehicles of the Volkswagen group. As well as achieving the ongoing confidence of Volkswagen, Valeo has also announced that this system will be fitted on five other makes of vehicle in the coming months. Valeo's new "standard of simplicity" continues to inspire the market.

In the future, with the recent acquisition of Connaught Electronics, Valeo's parking assistance systems will provide full visibility to the driver of the vehicle's surroundings and enable increasingly complex parking manoeuvres to be carried out in full comfort.

Launched on GM brands, Cadillac and Buick, as well as on the new Jaguar XF, the radar -based blind spot detection system supplied by Valeo Raytheon is becoming a must-have technology for safety on the road with more than 26 vehicles planned to be equipped by 2010.

This multiple-beam radar system warns the driver if there is a vehicle present in the blind spot on either side of the vehicle. A warning symbol appears in the rearview mirror, and this visual warning may also be accompanied by an audible signal.

Valeo is an independent industrial group dedicated to the design, production and sale of components, integrated systems and modules for cars and trucks. It is one of the world's leading automotive suppliers. The Group has 136 production sites, 68 R&D centers, 9 distribution platforms, and employs 74,800 people in 30 countries.

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For all additional information, please contact: Claire Vidal Pilo, Media Relations, Tel: +33-1-40-55-21-26,; Sylvie Delion, Media Relations, Tel: +33-1-40-55-20-96,

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