La cifra de muertos por las inundaciones asciende a 128, mientras que 24 personas están desaparecidas

Actualizado 17/06/2007 9:38:42 CET

BEIJING, 17 Jun. (EP/AP) -

Las fuertes inundaciones que está sufriendo China han provocado la muerte a 128 personas, y 24 se encuentran desaparecidas. Además, las pérdidas económicas directas sobrepasan los 750 millones de euros, según informó la agencia oficial Xinhua.

Xinhua News Agency said the hardest-hit areas have been in southern China, including Guangdong province, the export powerhouse next to Hong Kong.

Most of the economic losses of US$1.17 billion (*880,000) were in agriculture, Xinhua said.

China is frequently hit by natural disasters. The agency said that while there is flooding in the south, the northern part of the country is experiencing a drought.

It said the drought has left 11 million people short of drinking water.

Cheng Dianlong, the deputy head of the Office of the State Flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters, was quoted as saying the drought in northern China would continue or worsen due to high temperatures and a lack of rain. 170414 jun 07GMT