COMUNICADO: PR Image Award 2018: Mini Molars Cambodia wins with the image "Dream Big"

PR Image Award 2018: Mini Molars Cambodia wins with the image "Dream Big"
Publicado 09/11/2018 12:19:30CET

   Hamburg, 9 November 2018 /News Aktuell/

   Mini Molars Cambodia wins the PR Image Award 2018 with the Photo "Dream Big". The non-profit organization from Hamburg is involved in providing dental care to children in need in Cambodia. The NGO edged out around 1,000 entrants with its photo that was taken in the context of an aid project in a Phnom Penh informal settlement. The dpa subsidiary news aktuell made the PR Image Award for outstanding photography from companies, organizations and agencies for the 13th time.

   "We are inundated with innumerable images every day. At the same time, there have never been so many top-quality images in circulation as there are today. This serves only to raise the bar for entrants to our PR Image Award. This year too, a number of brilliant subjects have managed to stand out from the torrent of images. Apart from the quality of their craftsmanship, they tell a story that moves the viewer. They succeed in irritating, provoking or inspiring us," Edith Stier-Thompson, CEO of news aktuell and initiator of the PR Image Award, says.

   Ulf Zuschlag and his wife Frau Sombo, co-founders and chairpersons of Mini Molars Cambodia e.V., received the prize at a ceremony in Grünspan in Hamburg this evening. "I'm very pleased to receive this accolade! The image is a one-in-a-million shot. It tells the story of independence and self-affirmation. Apart from our medical support, we aim above all to give the children of Cambodia something on their way through life: Courage, self-confidence, hope and optimism."

   news aktuell CEO Edith Stier-Thompson said of the winning photo: "The two boys, one standing on the shoulders of the others, in front of the graffiti 'Dream Big' really touch me, as they radiate incredibly positive power. NGOs face the difficult task of highlighting abuse, without depriving those affected of their dignity, while simultaneously making the gravity of their situation clear. This picture has succeeded in this in a vivid way; it communicates great optimism and a strong will to live, despite conditions of dire poverty.

   The photo with the title "Dream Big" captivated the jury and the public equally, securing the top spot overall. It was taken by the London-based orthodontist Anton Bass.

   Video journalist David Rohde and Janina von Jhering, deputy head of corporate communications at dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur / news aktuell, conducted the ceremony this year. German singer and songwriter ALINA made a guest appearance, performing her "Die Einzige" in front of around 250 guests from the media and PR sector. A number of media and showbiz personalities were sighted on the red carpet.

   The winner this year for Switzerland was the image "Alpenleben" (Life in the Alps), submitted by the Valais-based marketing agency Grächen und St. Niklaus Tourismus und Gewerbe. The best PR image from Austria for the year is the "Minipig Rudi wieder gesund" (Minipig Rudi restored to health) by Vetmeduni Vienna.

   All the winning photos are published here: .

   All the winning images can also be downloaded from the following link for reporting purposes. The images may only be used in an editorial context, and always with reference to PR Image Award 2018: .

   Details of the 2018 winners:.


   "Dream Big".

   Mini Molars Cambodia e.V. / D.

   Photo: Anton Bass.



   Grächen und St. Niklaus Tourismus und Gewerbe / CH.

   Stefan Walter.


   "Minipig Rudi wieder gesund".

   Vetmeduni Vienna / A.

   Stephanie Scholz.


   1st Place (Category winner and also PR Image of 2018 in Germany):.

   "Dream big".

   Mini Molars Cambodia e.V. / D.

   Anton Bass.

   2nd Place:.

   "Einmal noch...zur Hochzeit des Sohnes" (Once the Son's Wedding).

   Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland e.V. / D.

   Hannibal Hanschke

   3rd Place:.

   "Ankunft Geflüchteter aus Myanmar" (Arrival of refugees from Myanmar).

   CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V. / D.

   Kathleen Prior.


   1st Place:.

   "Schönheit im Müll" (Beauty in Refuse).

   Müllstadtkinder Kairo e.V. / D.

   Christoph Jorda.

   2nd Place:.

   "Wohin mit meinem Leben?" (Where to with my life?).

   Müllstadtkinder Kairo e.V. / D.

   Christoph Jorda.

   3rd Place:.

   "Kampf gegen weibliche Genitalverstümmelung in Mali" (Struggle against FGM in Mali).

   Plan International Deutschland / D.

   Ilvy Nijokiktjien.


   1st Place (Category winner and also PR Image of 2018 in Austria):.

   "Minipig Rudi wieder gesund".

   Vetmeduni Vienna / A.

   Stephanie Scholz.

   2nd Place:.

   "Volkswagen Zubehör Lookbook: Camperfeeling" (VW Accessories Lookbook: Camper Feeling).

   Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH / D.

   Kai-Uwe Knoth.

   3rd Place:.

   "Was bin ich?" (What am I?).

   St. Gallen University (HSG) / CH.

   Marco Gerster.

   STORIES & CAMPAIGNS CATEGORY (there are two 2nd places in this category).

   1st Place:.

   "Herztransplantation" (Heart Transplant).

   Herz - und Diabeteszentrum NRW / D.

   Armin Kühn.

   2nd Place:.

   "Transformers im Brenner Basistunnel" (Transformers in Brenner Base Tunnel).

   Brenner Basistunnel SE - Galleria di base del Brennero / A.

   Jan Hetfleisch.

   2nd Place:.

   "Zum Muttertag ein Veilchen" (A Violet for Mother's Day).

   Deutscher Kinderverein e.V. / D.

   Carsten Sander.

   3rd Place:.

   "Morgens halb 10 in Hamburch" (Half past 9 in the morning in Hamburg).

   Waterkant Touren GmbH & Co.KG / D.

   Kim Alena Schröder.


   1st Place (Category winner and also PR Image of 2018 in Switzerland):.


   Grächen und St. Niklaus Tourismus und Gewerbe / CH.

   Stefan Walter.

   2nd Place:.

   "bi yourself".

   Art project Design-, Entwicklungs - und Handelsgesellschaft mbH / D.

   Svetlana Miku.

   3rd Place:.

   "Radfahren, nur besser!" (Cycling, only better!).

   schoessler GmbH / Superpedestrian / D.

   Max Tomasinelli.


   1st Place:.

   "Büffelreiher Auge in Auge mit Wasserbüffel" (Buffalo Heron Eye to Eye with Water Buffalo).

   Department of Tourism Philippines / D.

   Per-Andre Hoffmann.

   2nd Place:.

   "Lauenensee Hockey".

   Schweiz Tourismus/ CH.

   Martin Mägli.

   3rd Place:.

   "Land Rover Experience Tour Peru".

   Jaguar Land Rover Deutschland GmbH/ D.

   Craig Pusey.


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   ALINA: .

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