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Innovative waveguide seal for fiber developed by Roxtec

KARLSKRONA, Sweden, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cable and pipe seal provider Roxtec has developed a new solution for non-metallic fiber optic cable entries. The Roxtec WaveGuide Seal ES combines proven waveguide technology with certified sealing performance to ensure optimized protection.

"Our new shielding seal performs way better than what is possible to measure and verify, even in our optimized lab", says Mikael Grudd, Electromagnetic Manager at Roxtec. "We know that it ensures an attenuation of minimum 100dB at 18GHz even in the worst-case scenario."

The increasing use of unshielded fiber optic cables in the digitalization era calls for protection of sensitive communication equipment against electromagnetic threats. The Roxtec WaveGuide Seal ES provides high electromagnetic shielding effectiveness while protecting against fire, gas, and water. It secures everything from labs and data centers to critical infrastructure and military applications.

Exceeding HEMP requirements

The Roxtec WaveGuide Seal ES is a penetration seal designed for routing of non-metallic fiber optic cables into a shielded enclosure while maintaining the enclosure's electromagnetic integrity. The high-performance product protects electronics from electromagnetic threats such as EMP and HEMP. It is available in versions for welding or bolting to the structure. The Roxtec sealing modules that are used in the waveguide seal adapt to different sizes of fiber optic cables and can be used to build in spare capacity in the transit.

For further information, please contact:

Mikael Grudd, Technical Product Manager/Electromagnetic Specialist, Roxtec, via, or Magnus Gustavsson, Global Product Manager, Roxtec, on +46 733 31 30 88, or via

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