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NextChem and JFE Engineering Corporation Sign an Agreement for the Production of Low Carbon Chemicals Products

ROME, Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- NextChem, Maire Tecnimont Group's subsidiary for the development of projects and technologies for energy transition, and JFE Engineering Corporation, engineering and operative company of Japan Group JFE, have signed a commercial agreement which strengthens the cooperation between the companies. [ ]

The agreement aims at developing in cooperation the model which considers waste as a resource to produce advanced fuels, hydrogen, fertilizers and low carbon chemical products. The process of chemical conversion of waste into syngas and the use of this intermediate to produce circular hydrogen, advanced fuels and many other key products for world economies, allows to contribute to the decarbonization of production processes and to reduce the carbon footprint in the final use phase of products.

The alliance between the companies allows an integrated enhancement of plant technologies of JFE and Maire Tecnimont Group for the realization of Waste to Chemical projects, starting from the feasibility study from an economic and technical perspective, up to the turn key construction, including the high qualified training of the staff in JFE plants in Japan. Starting from JFE's experience Nextchem has defined an integrated Waste to Chemicals technological platform that is ready and willing to license worldwide.

"The recovery of carbon and hydrogen contained in waste allows to reduce the use of fossil sources for the production of fuels and basic chemicals. The collaboration between NextChem and JFE Engineering Corporation enhances the know-how of the Groups. NextChem aims to expand its offer to the global market of technological solutions for the energy transition and circular economy, stimulating the demand. Our technological Waste to Chemical platform is solid, referenced, ready and profitable; it is our response to the forced and virtuous path to a low-carbon economy, to the problem of dependence from abroad of many countries for some basic products of the chemical industry and also to the global problem of recovery of waste fractions currently not recyclable", commented Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Maire Tecnimont Group and NextChem.

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