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Oblique Therapeutics is delighted to announce the appointment of Christer Nordstedt M.D. PhD. as Chief Executive Officer

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.), a biotechnology company focused on new antibody medicines for severe diseases with large unmet medical needs, is pleased to announce the confirmation of Christer Nordstedt MD.PhD. as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Christer Nordstedt will assume the position on 1stDecember 2022.

Christer Nordstedt has abroad and extensive international experience within the pharmaceutical industry from operational and strategic positions at management level in companies like Vivesto, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Orion Corporation, Eli Lilly, Roche, AstraZeneca among others. During his career, Christer has been responsible for large global research projects and leadership in both management, executive, and board roles.

Christer's latest position was interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Vivesto, a pharmaceutical manufacturing company, Uppsala, Sweden. Christer holds a MD and PhD degrees in Pharmacology and Biochemistry from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. His insights include discovery and clinical development work in neurodegeneration, pain, oncology, and psychiatry.

The Board conducted a rigorous selection process from a group of highly qualified, diverse, and exceptional candidates. This has resulted in the selection of an external candidate, Christer Nordstedt, with a detailed understanding of the biotechnology market and Oblique Therapeutics AB's strategic issues. We welcome Christer Nordstedt to us, and we look forward to running our programs together all the way to the clinic. With Christer's solid experience, we create good conditions and a continuity in the business that makes it easier for us to reach the next level. Christer will be able to provide continuity of purpose of Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.) with a strong leadership to support the company in its ambitions. We look forward with confidence to working with Christer as the new CEO.

Commenting on his appointment, Christer said:

"I am very excited about the opportunity to join Oblique therapeutics. During my 25+ years of experience in various executive positions in the international pharma industry I have often encountered highly validated potential drug targets that-if addressed properly-could offer great advantage to underserved patient groups. These include ion channels, cancer gene products and numerous other proteins. But unfortunately, with existing technology, many of these targets could not be addressed. I was therefore genuinely surprised to see how much Oblique Therapeutics already has achieved with several of these "difficult targets". I believe that with access to Oblique Therapeutics novel proprietary technologies and know-how this frustrating situation is changing. Previously "non-druggable targets are rapidly becoming druggable".

Together with the highly talented people in the various functions of the company I truly believe that Oblique Therapeutics -within a relatively short period of time- will build a strong pipeline of projects in various stages of development. The company will be able to "punch well above its weight" and deliver safe and effective treatment alternatives that will benefit many patients suffering from cancer, serious pain conditions and other diseases. I also believe that Oblique Therapeutics will become a partner of choice for many pharma companies that currently are struggling with challenging drug targets.

I look forward to the journey we have ahead of us!"

This new CEO nomination adds to a strong management team. The Management Team at Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.): Carolina Trkulja, PhD Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Kjell Andersson, PhD, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Sreesha P Srinivasa PH.D., Chief Development Officer (CDO), Mats Jonasson, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Marie Scherlund, PH.D., Chief Program Officer (CPO), Mats Lindskog Ph.D., Chief Business Officer (CBO), Cecilia Larsson is Investor Relations Manager (IRM), Prof. Owe Orwar, Chief Scientist Officer (CSO), and Hans-Peter Ostler serving as interim CEO.

The whole Oblique Therapeutics team wishes Dr. Christer Nordstedt a warm welcome and the best of luck and success in his professional endeavor.

About AbiProt®

AbiProt®, is a proprietary methodology to identify epitopes on protein targets that have previously proven difficult to address with antibodies. AbiProt® can identify high-affinity antibody binding sites in a given protein with single amino acid resolution while the protein resides in its native environment. It is based on using a tailored molecular reporter system and proteomics. The platform yields detailed sequence and structure information for epitope identification and development. Oblique Therapeutics is applying this technology for discovery of a new generation of selective antibody therapeutics targeting cancer and pain.

Science Advances Publication about AbiProt®:

About Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.)

Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.) is a privately held Swedish biotech company developing innovative new medicines for severe diseases with a large unmet medical need focusing on pain and advanced cancer. The company uses AbiProt®, an in-house-invented, next-generation antibody platform that can generate antibodies with programmed function against the full human proteome. The portfolio comprises several antibody candidates. Besides, two antibody programs are run in R&D collaborations with pharma companies. Oblique Therapeutics AB (publ.) makes medicines that matter to patients.


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Interim CEO -

Mats Lindskog

CBO - Chief Business Officer -

Cecilia Larsson

IRM - Investor Relations Manager -

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