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Infosys (NYSE: INFY) Announces Results for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2017 (2)

"Edgewell partnered with Infosys to implement a leading-edge transformation of our global ERP landscape to drive the company's IT innovation. Over the next 1-2 years, Infosys will deliver SAP S/4 HANA solutions in North America and Asia. These solutions will enable us to deliver significant process simplification and operating efficiencies. As part of this journey, we recently migrated our global Manufacturing system to SAP S/4 HANA and the project successfully went live in May 2017. Infosys is currently engaged in migrating our Order to Cash and Financial Systems to SAP S/4 HANA for North America and also deploying the SAP S/4 HANA global template solution to our Asia Pacific markets. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Infosys in our ERP modernization journey." - Tony Bender, Chief Information Officer & Vice President, Global Business Services

PrimeRevenue, a leader in working capital financial technology, optimizes cash flow for more than 20,000 customers in over 70 countries, and processed more than $100 billion in supply chain transactions in 2016.

"We selected Infosys to assist in optimizing our data architecture to support processing billions of dollars in supply chain finance transactions every month. In our quickly growing fintech marketplace, Infosys is one of our key partners supporting PrimeRevenue's current phase of very high-growth." - Wes Dean, Chief Technology Officer, PrimeRevenue, Inc.

We also continued to drive grassroots innovation in every project through our Zero Distance (ZD) initiative. We started this program in March 2015, and today, more than 16,500 ideas have been produced, of which more than 2,200 have been implemented with clients globally.

Myer, Australia's largest department store group and a leader in Australian retailing recently leveraged our Zero Distance idea and deployed the 'My Picker App' for fulfilling their retail orders.

"Our 'My Picker App' has a huge strategic relevance for Myer, significantly reducing the time to pick and pack orders by 20%, driving down the labor cost of fulfilment by an estimated $1.8m based on FY17 units and rapidly growing our omni-channel business. We have been able to reduce our fulfilment duration target from 32.5 hours to 24 hours, and increase our pick success target from 85% to 90%. Infosys proactively partnered and led the way on this project by producing a working prototype to demonstrate how this app would work, converting a concept into reality, and gelling well in a cross- functional agile team with Myer." - Mark Cripsey, Chief Digital and Data Officer, Myer


We continued to see momentum in our new services, in our software-led offerings and in leveraging Design Thinking. The new services that we have launched over the course of the last two years are seeing strong traction in key accounts.

Our software portfolio is already forming a critical part of our business, both in terms of amplifying our existing services and in creating new business opportunities. Panaya and Skava have continued their momentum, with Skava now a full-fledged eCommerce platform, extending its reach beyond retail through its micro services based architecture.

We launched the Infosys Boundaryless Data Lake offering powered by the Information Grid Solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

"Infosys partnered with Levi Strauss & Co's e-commerce business to build a first party data analytics solution on AWS. The solution, built by Infosys, enables consumer insights of clickstream and e-commerce data to activate consumer revenue growth actions across marketing touch points." - Abigail Johnson, Senior Program Manager eCommerce, Levi Strauss & Co

"ERM, the world's leading sustainability consulting company is working with Infosys to harness technology and data to transform our business. We have embarked on a journey to re-imagine sustainability challenges for our clients by leveraging Design Thinking principles of empathy and rapid prototyping. Innovation is at the heart of this transformation and we believe Design Thinking can help us reinvent our business and create new sources of value. In our recent Design Thinking engagement with Infosys, we believe we have taken the initial steps to transform our ways of thinking about sustainability challenges and mapping them to the Digital Technology ecosystem. I am pleased to say that with Infosys' help we have started to build the momentum to rapidly prototype Digital solutions and embrace agile ways of working to address sustainability challenges for our global client base." - Keryn James, Group Chief Executive, ERM

"In partnering with Infosys Consulting, their Design Thinking approach and methodologies helped our team to think out-of-the-box and through a fresh lens around how we could transform our HR onboarding process. This led to new innovations for us around our use of mobile, virtual reality and other digitally-centric experiences that will give our employees an enriching, unique connection to BP." - Olivier Dubuisson, Employee Experience Director, BP

Adient is the global leader in automotive seating, with revenues of $17 billion and over 200 plants that supplies automotive seats and components for over 25,000,000 cars a year. In response to the rapidly evolving automotive industry, Adient leadership launched a digital transformation, with Design Thinking being a catalyst. Infosys has delivered Design Thinking innovation engagements for Adient regional centers globally, to enable and accelerate this transformation and help Adient on its goal to become an exponential company.

Infosys worked with Spark NZ to design a series of design thinking-based leadership programs for their high potential talent and teams. Over 6 months, in a 'pop up' design space in Auckland, 120 leaders from Spark NZ were given new skills and perspectives on how to use Design Thinking to be more competitive in a disruptive market - how to do more with less. Teams of Spark 'DT Ninjas' worked with Infosys over 6-8 weeks investigating, designing and Lo-Fi prototyping new ways to address long-term problems for Spark and their customers. Over this period, the teams had intensive bootcamps, ongoing coaching and real 'fieldwork' assignments. We're excited that from the CXO level to the Service Desk, those involved rated this experience with Infosys as one of the most important, valuable and impactful professional development experiences they can remember. Infosys is proud to have played a role in helping add to the digital DNA of Spark NZ - helping their leaders and teams find new ways of finding, framing and solving important problems through design thinking, challenging their assumptions and moving quickly through prototyping with a focus on the customer experience.

TAFE NSW has taken a proactive approach to managing the disruptive forces impacting the training and education market in Australia by focusing on creating innovative solutions that will enable TAFE NSW to meet the needs of students and industry with greater agility. Infosys will help provide TAFE NSW a distinct advantage to drive its transformation and deliver tangible efficiencies by letting it drive its customer centric goals of being a contemporary and sustainable business skilling the NSW workforce, while optimizing, automating and managing its core finance business processes.

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of named brand home improvement and new home construction products, promotions are a critical part of Masco Corporation's many companies.

"Infosys is helping us take the initial step towards the advanced analytics landscape and drive the predictability of sales and effectiveness of our business. As part of this effort, the Infosys Nia team helped us align our sales data across years and analyze the historical data, the effectiveness of our strategy and the impact of our decisions across various channels." - Viren Shah, Chief Information Officer, Masco Cabinetry

"By leveraging and integrating a broad set of artificial intelligence technologies, Infosys is supporting customers on their journey toward business transformation. The modular set up of Infosys Nia allows for more flexibility when addressing diverse sets of use cases. On this journey, Infosys' expansive AI and cognitive computing capabilities provide customers with solutions that put data at the center of their service delivery strategies." - Dr. Tom Reuner, Senior Vice-President, HfS Research


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