Publicado 09/11/2022 14:30

Mentice Receives Grant from Sweden's Innovation Agency to Improve Synthetic Image Generation

GOTHENBURG, Sweden, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Mentice has received a 3 million SEK grant from the Swedish government agency for innovation, Vinnova, to improve realism in Mentice virtual reality software environment with a focus on synthetic image generation. Mentice will be a part of a joint European research project called the TASTI project, financed by Vinnova within the Eureka Xecs cluster.

"The work to be done in the scope of the TASTI project will further increase the realism of our solutions in several ways. It will not only improve our current products but will open doors to new applications, where our synthetic images are used to train medical AI algorithms, fully in line with Mentice ambitions to further enhance our position as the most innovative decision support solutions," says Henrik Storm, Chief Technology Officer at Mentice.

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