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People's China: Learning practical Chinese and E-payments in China with KYO TALK

BEIJING, Jan. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- How do modern Chinese urban residents pay their utility bills? Most remember using prepaid electricity meter cards for years. Technology advances have brought profound changes to Chinese lifestyles. This episode of KYO TALK focuses on the topic of e-payments.

One day, KYOSEI, a Japanese resident who has lived in China for years, found his house lost electricity because his prepaid power account ran out. His wife usually handled such things, but her absence forced him to figure it out himself. Jing thought he would have to go somewhere to refill the prepaid account, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that he could do it with his mobile phone. It was quite convenient.

In recent years, Jing has been deeply impressed by China's online payment convenience. With a cell phone, one can now hail a cab, shop, pay for parking fees and tuitions, and schedule a doctor's appointment. Here's what Jing had to say about e-payments.

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