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INVENTORISTE - Very Strong Growth of the CA 2007 to +40%

2007 2006

CA HT in euros IFRS IFRS Growth
INVENTORISTE SA (France) 14 460 219 10 483 925 +37.93%
(i) and IVALIS Belgium
IVALIS INVENTARIOS (Spain 2 024 168 1 414 738 +43.08%
and Portugal)
IVALIS SRL (Italy) 1 099 814 651 107 +68.91%
TOTAL CONSOLIDATED 17 584 201 12 549 769 +40.12%
(i) After elimination of intra-group sales.

The growth objective for sales in 2007, initially announced at 30% and reviewed to 35% in the fall, has finally been surpassed. In 2007, the group reached sales of 17.6 M EUR, versus 12.5 M EUR in 2006, for a total increase of more than 40%.

Over the course of the 2007 fiscal year, the increase in activity was concentrated on the 1st semester. Traditionally INVENTORISTE has reached its growth in the 4th quarter. Indeed, the strong increase in development in the large-scale distribution sectors (which had achieved the highest inventories at the beginning of the year) consequently had reversal of the seasonality between the 1st and 2nd semesters.

Throughout the 2007 fiscal year, Spain and Italy have also confirmed their ability to absorb the growth, thus meeting the goals set early in the year.

Good Growth Prospects for Activity in 2008

Taken into account the growth of activity -- in France as well as internationally -- and the success achieved in each country by the inventory tests completed with new clients, INVENTORISTE predicts continued growth in 2008.

Publication of 2007 results in week 13 (March 24 - 28, 2008)

Created in 1991, INVENTORISTE is a specialist in outsourcing physical inventories of stocks, essentially in the distribution world. The group has subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Belgium and a branch in Portugal.

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ISIN FR 0010082305

Market capitalization on January 15, 2008: 46.1 M EUR

Frédéric MARCHAL, INVENTORISTE, Telephone: +33(0)1-30-49-22-88,; Camille TRÉMEAU, VIEL TRADITION, Telephone: +33(0)1-44-50-24-18,

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