First Certified ZigBee Smart Energy Products Announced (1)

Actualizado 19/05/2008 17:20:29 CET

-- Cellnet + Hunt -- FOCUS AX endpoint is an advanced metering endpoint
that provides two-way communication with the utility, meter and
home-area networks
-- Ember -- Smart Energy Application is a complete reference
implementation of each of the device types, clusters, and security
functions, enabling easy customization by device manufacturers to
allow rapid development and certification of their products
-- Itron(R) -- OpenWay(TM) CENTRON(R) advanced electricity meters provide
highly accurate electricity measurement and support two-way
communications between utilities and homes, including home area
-- Itron(R) -- OpenWay(TM) Gas Module accurately measures natural gas
consumption and supports two-way communication with the Itron OpenWay
CENTRON meter for meter reading and remote programming
-- Tendril -- Outlet is a three-prong electrical outlet, for use in any
standard home outlet, that monitors and controls the energy
consumption of any electrical appliance while offering Internet or
in-home display tracking
-- Alektrona -- Z-Aperture(TM) is a broadband energy service portal
providing Internet connectivity for demand-response/load-control,
sub-metering, and other energy management services
-- Computime Limited -- CTW200 is a thermostat that monitors, controls
and displays energy consumption and rate information while supporting
all standard HVAC systems and two stage heat pumps
-- Computime Limited -- CTW300 is an in home display with a large dot
matrix screen for users to monitor energy rate and consumption
information in residences
-- Comverge(TM) -- DCU(TM) offers a wide range of functionality -- from
individual addressing to adaptive algorithms and is compatible with
popular air conditioning units, water heaters, pool pumps, and other
auxiliary appliances
-- Comverge(TM) -- SuperStat(R) is a smart thermostat offering both
utilities and end users programmable and energy efficient control that
operates with popular heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
systems while offering web based features
-- Energate -- Pioneer Z100 is a smart thermostat incorporating next
generation technology beyond the features found on today's most
sophisticated thermostats and provides unparalleled performance with
an exceptional user interface
-- Greenbox Technology -- Greenbox(TM) is a web-based interactive energy
management platform enabling households to better understand and
manage their energy and water usage, while saving money and reducing
their carbon footprint
-- LS Industrial Systems -- LK Series Single-Phase and Poly-Phase
Electric Meters are intelligent, fully featured, and revenue-grade
solid-state energy meters with integrated two-way communications
supporting many standards
-- National Technical Systems (NTS) -- Smart Energy Test Harness is a
complete reference application emulating all types of ZigBee Smart
Energy devices that automates the execution of the complete
certification suite needed to achieve certification
-- PRI -- Home Energy Controller monitors and displays electricity and
gas consumption from any meter and provides cost information on a
customer friendly display
-- PRI -- Single and Poly Phase Multi Rate Meters offer optional load
control switches and a variety of power ratings to suit any market
-- Trilliant(TM) -- SecureMesh(TM) Micro Access Portal is independent
from the meter and can be embedded in any end-point device including
thermostats, in-home displays, appliance controllers or meters and is
part of the Trilliant SecureMesh AMI network
-- Wireless Glue Networks -- GSF Smart Energy Device Simulator models and
tests ZigBee Smart Energy devices on ZigBee PRO platforms including
Texas Instrument Z-Stack and Ember ZNET and also supports active
device on Daintree Networks' SNA

Other Alliance members play a key role in facilitating the completion and certification of Smart Energy products. ZigBee Promoters Ember and Texas Instruments each provide development and implementation support. Certicom provides assistance implementing Elliptic Curve Cryptography on ZigBee Smart Energy devices and issuing device certificates. Daintree Networks Sensor Network Analyzer provides independent validation of interoperability through implementations of all ZigBee Smart Energy capabilities. Wireless Glue Networks provides the Glue Software Framework offering simulation test systems to model a variety of ZigBee Smart Energy devices. NTS Corp. and TUV Rheinland, the Alliance's two official test labs, provide testing support and certification services around the world.

"These ZigBee Smart Energy products are an affordable and easy way to improve energy efficiency around the world and reduce the environmental impact of energy consumption," said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. "ZigBee Smart Energy is widely recognized as the both the industry standard and leader in providing a secure and consumer friendly method to implement new efficiency programs in homes and businesses around the world."

ZigBee Smart Energy -- Empowering Energy Efficiency Today


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