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DTRA Commits Additional Funds to MeMed's Innovative Bacterial Versus Viral Test and Point-of-Care Platform

HAIFA, Israel, December 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

MeMed's contract with DTRA is expanded to include key verification milestones

MeMed today announced DTRA's expanded commitment to their point-of-care immunoassay platform and ground breaking bacterial versus viral host-response test.

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Dr. Eran Eden, MeMed's co-founder and CEO said: "DTRA's exercise of an expanded contract further supports our multi-year international effort to develop a unique platform that can measure multiple proteins with laboratory precision at the point-of-care, and our host-response test for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infection in minutes. The test has the potential to address a daily clinical dilemma that is a fundamental driver of antibiotic misuse - the difficulty in distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections."

"We greatly value our relationship with the Department of Defense, which reflects an alignment of interests to develop diagnostic technologies that help improve public health, " said Dr. Tanya Gottlieb, MeMed's VP Scientific Affairs, responsible for coordinating MeMed's strategic activities with governments.

Dr. Kfir Oved, MeMed's co-founder and CTO, who has lead development of the point-of-care platform noted: "The versatility of MeMed's point-of-care platform derives from the similarity between its core chemistry and that of large automated immunoassay machines. This makes it readily amenable to transition of other protein-based tests or signatures, ensuring cost-effective menu expandability, which increases its potential value to the Department of Defense and other partners."

About MeMed 

Our mission is to translate the complex signals of our immune system into simple diagnostic insights that transform the way we treat infectious and inflammatory diseases - at the right place and the right time. Over nearly a decade, with collaborators around the globe, MeMed has developed and validated an immune-based protein signature called MeMed BV (TM) for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections - an indispensable tool in the fight against resistant strains of bacteria - one of the biggest healthcare challenges of our time. An ELISA format of MeMed BV(TM), called ImmunoXpert(TM), is cleared for use in the EU (CE-IVD), Switzerland and Israel and is currently in pilot distribution in these territories. MeMed is also developing MeMed Key(TM), a platform that opens the way to measuring multiple proteins and signatures, conventional and innovative, with central lab precision at the point-of-need. MeMed Key(TM) measures MeMed BV(TM) within minutes. Today, we are expanding our network of partnerships with internationally renowned academic, commercial and government stakeholders to advance, validate and facilitate global availability of our platform and tests.

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About the Defense Threat Reduction Agency 

DTRA is a Combat Support Agency and a Defense Agency with a three-pronged mission: 1.) to counter the threats posed by the full spectrum of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), including chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosives; 2.) counter the threats posed by the growing, evolving categories of improvised threats, including improvised explosive devices, car bombs and weaponized consumer drones, as well as the tactics, technologies and networks that put them on the battlefield; 3.) ensure the U.S. military maintains a safe, secure, effective and credible nuclear weapons deterrent.

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Company Contact:  Tanya Gottlieb VP Scientific Affairs, MeMed Phone: +972-4-8500302


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