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Ingonyama Launches "ICICLE" GPU Library for Zero-Knowledge Acceleration

Ingonyama Icicle GPU Library for Zero Knowledge Acceleration logo
Ingonyama Icicle GPU Library for Zero Knowledge Acceleration logo - INGONYAMA/PR NEWSWIRE

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PETACH TIKVA, Israel, March 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Ingonyama, a semiconductor company focusing on Zero Knowledge Proof hardware acceleration, announced its launch of ICICLE, an open-source GPU library for accelerating Zero Knowledge low-level math computations.

Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) are considered one of the highest achievements in modern cryptography, and allow for confidential and verifiable computation. They are primed to disrupt a number of industries in the coming decade including gaming, finance, the Metaverse, digital identity, insurance and more.

The foundations of Web3 are built on decentralized computation, and therefore present a unique setting for applied ZK to usher in an era of trustless and privacy-preserving services and infrastructure.

The ICICLE GPU library is a windfall for developers designing applications using Zero-Knowledge math and cryptography. As an example and first application, Ingonyama used ICICLE to implement " Fast Danksharding," a Danksharding builder implementation written in Rust, which is now also open-source. Danksharding is the new sharding design proposed for the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain.

Like earlier game-changing technologies in history, the road to mass adoption and scale goes through hardware. ICICLE is a low-level Rust library dedicated to parallelizing the basic components of Zero Knowledge provers like MSM, NTT and ECNTT, on CUDA-enabled GPUs.

"We look forward to continuing our impressive track-record for Zero Knowledge GPU acceleration," said Omer Shlomovits, CEO of Ingonyama. "We are proud that our GPU software was responsible for over half the Aleo blockchain's mining power during Aleo's incentivized testnet earlier this year. We are committed to maintain the code and help developers build efficient applications with ICICLE."

For further information about ICICLE and conversations with the team, developers are encouraged to join the Ingonyama Discord server. A blogpost with more details about ICICLE is available, along with videos on the Ingonyama YouTube channel.

About Ingonyama

Ingonyama is on a mission to radically improve the performance of Zero-Knowledge Provers by designing hardware optimized for ZK computation. Reach them via email at

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