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Planon partners with Microsoft to extend its cloud offering and joins Microsoft's Azure Marketplace

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- Expansion of Planon's cloud offering to include Microsoft Azure provides clients freedom of choice

NIJMEGEN, Netherlands, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Planon, the leading global provider of smart sustainable building management software, and Microsoft today announce the addition of Microsoft Azure to Planon's cloud platform. Existing and new customers of Planon's integrated real estate and facility management software solutions (IWMS) now have the opportunity to choose the cloud technology that fits their business best. In addition, Planon will use Microsoft Azure Marketplace to showcase some of its most popular software products. In the first instance, this will include Planon IWMS as well as Planon Workplace Edition and Planon Workplace Insights. Later this will be extended to other Planon software solutions.

Henk Laracker, Chief Technology Officer at Planon commented, "We are proud to advance our collaboration with Microsoft and join its partner ecosystem. By adding Microsoft Azure as an alternative to our current cloud technology offering for our Planon Platform, we can provide our clients the flexibility to choose their preferred cloud vendor, based on their internal (IT) preferences. Moreover, being firm advocates of the open platform approach ourselves, we are convinced that joining the Microsoft Azure Marketplace will provide customers with an easy to implement, secure and scalable integration of our smart sustainable software solutions."

Hermien Roebersen, Global Partner Solutions Lead at Microsoft said, "We're delighted to welcome Planon to our Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. It's great to see that Planon's customers now have access to our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The expansion of our partnership means that we can deliver even more options to the customers to better support them in their needs."

Irrespectively of their choice of platform, Planon clients can continue benefitting from all the advantages of the fully automated Planon Cloud infrastructure, including, but not limited to, economies of scale, more sustainable IT operations, upgrade control and full compliance with security and privacy regulations.

About Planon

Planon is the leading global provider of Smart Sustainable Building Management software that connects buildings, people and processes. By eliminating data silos and aligning solutions into one shared information platform, Planon provides all building stakeholders with actionable and meaningful insights.

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