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Publicado 04/06/2015 9:02:37CET

BRUSSELS, June 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

EFQM opens a representative office in Milan to support Italian organisations

EFQM opens a representative office in Milan to help Italian organisations achieve sustainable excellence. In 2013, several organisations based in Italy gathered and created the "Club per l'Eccellenza Italia by EFQM". Its objective was to share good practices, develop national initiatives and deploy products and services aimed at supporting Italian organisations on their journey to excellence. Until now, EFQM facilitated these exchanges but this is about to change as Marc Amblard, CEO of EFQM explains:

"The 2014 EFQM Excellence Award winner is an Italian unit of Bosch and more organisations have achieved a high maturity via the deployment of the EFQM Excellence Model. These organisations and others based in Italy expressed the urgent need for EFQM to assist them locally in their efforts to improve their overall performance. This is why we decided to establish a representative office in Milan, dedicated to assisting Italian organisations with assessments, training and events to share good practices. We are excited about bringing our 25 year experience directly to Italy".

The EFQM Italia initiative is launched in order to further develop the efforts of the Club per l'Eccellenza Italia. It will be supported by Telecom Italia, Bosch, Electrolux, Ricoh, Grundfos, Pirelli, ENI, Universita di Roma "Tor Vergata", GSK, Comerindustries and INDIRE. By anchoring its presence in Milan, EFQM will more effectively support Italian organisations. This new, local office will facilitate relationships between Italian organisations & EFQM, organise training sessions in local language, coordinate assessments and organise good practice sharing events. EFQM Italia will be hosted by Robert Bosch, at their Milan-based Italian HQ, and should be operational starting July.

CONTACT: About EFQM: We are committed to helping organisations driveimprovement through the EFQM Excellence Model, a comprehensive managementframework used by over 30,000 organisations in Europe and beyond. To assistyou on your journey towards sustainable excellence, we provide training andassessment tools designed to help you deploy our Model, we identify andshare good practices and we recognise high performing organisations.For more information, please contact: Gianluca Mulè, Director, Partners &Training, EFQM , Avenue des Olympiades 2, 1140 Brussels, Belgium, T:+32-474-332-993,

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