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Precise, Efficient, Compact = Seiko Instruments

NEU--ISENBURG, Germany, April 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --


Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) is one of the leading manufacturers of 32kHz quartz crystals.

SII is supplying high-tech products in the fields of telecommunication, industrial and automotive applications worldwide since 1983. SII customers value its high level of performance and superior quality.

SII Quartz crystals- Precise as a clock pulse

SII offers precise 32.768kHz tuning-fork quartz crystals in a wide range of small through-hole (tubular, VT), plastic-molded (SSP) and tiny ceramic (SCX) SMD packages down a size of 1.6mm.

Besides, the customer is free to define crystal parameters as of (*selected products):

- Operation temperature range up to +125degree(s)C
- Frequency tolerance between standard 20ppm and 5ppm
- Load capacitance even below 6pF
- Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR)
- Automotive Standard AEC-Q200*

SII is providing a free circuit matching service to optimize customer oscillation circuit.

Check out all of SII quartz crystal products on SII website: http://www.sii.co.jp/en/quartz


Thomas Gottschling
Seiko Instruments GmbH