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Beijing: Creation of Artprice and Artron Teams to Conquer the Chinese Art Market, Multiply Artprice's Turnover and Promo

BEIJING, November 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Artprice's Chairman, thierry Ehrmann, and its senior executives have just returned from several days of intense work at Artron's headquarters in Beijing where discussions focused on accelerating and implementing, as quickly as possible, all the agreed strategic and commercial initiatives that will inevitably generate very positive results in terms of turnover and the expansion of Artprice's client base... not to mention shareholder value.

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Artron and its Chairman Mr. Wan Jie gave the Artprice team an exceptionally respectful, warm and loyal welcome and introduced Artprice to China's top-level institutional leaders, the country's principal Art Market players and all of Artron's 3,500 employees.

These face-to-face introductions are an essential step in Artprice's bid to fructify the enormous potential of the Chinese market in a fast and optimal manner. 

In 2018, China accounted for 45% of global online transactions, generating 12 times more online transactions than the United States. China has a huge advantage over the West because it is building its market economy directly on the Internet (Source GEAB / LEAP 2020).

Speaking in front of his senior executives and top management, Mr. Wan Jie - at the head of his Artron empire and probably the most powerful player in China's Art Market - reiterated his unfailing personal friendship and loyalty vis-a-vis Artprice's founder-Chairman, thierry Ehrmann.

This fact deserves emphasis as Chinese custom usually prohibits such 'departures' from accepted business protocol.

As China has become the global Art Market's leading marketplace over the past decade - Artprice had been the first to report it in 2009 -, it naturally represents a fascinating new market for Artprice.

China has grand ambitions:

As the French language business weekly Challenges headlined last week: "China, the giant that wants to dominate the World". China is still accelerating with its "Made in China 2025" plan and its "New Silk Roads".

As a global company, Artprice made a point to successfully enter the Chinese market, now the last great 'eldorado' for any group whose market is global.

According to Artprice's founding Chairman, thierry Ehrmann, "I appreciated the emergence of China's global power, its insatiable appetite and its desire for leadership a long time ago! Over the past nine years, Artprice has translated hundreds of millions of data from its proprietary databases into Mandarin. However, observant visitors to our famous head offices (L'Organe Museum of Contemporary Art at the "Abode of Chaos" [dixit The New York Times]) over the past 30 years will have noticed thousands of artworks - including my own sculptures and paintings - directly or indirectly referring to the ancient culture and history of China."

"Unlike many, I am not surprised to see China gradually becoming the world's leading economic power. Artprice has decided to enter the Chinese market through the front door with a humility that has clearly been lacking in many Western listed companies. Any other strategy would have been a fatal mistake. I therefore wish to reiterate my thanks to Wan Jie, Artron's Chairman, and all his colleagues for making this open and proper strategy possible after 9 years of close collaboration!" 

Since Monday, Artprice is one of the very few Western companies to possess a WeChat profile reserved for companies operating under Chinese law. WeChat is used by more than 1.8 billion Chinese Internet users around the world. 

Artron.Net is the most respected brand in the Chinese art world. It has more than 3 million professional members in the arts sector and an average of 15 million daily visits, making it the world's leading art website. It is the first choice for art professionals, investors / collectors and art lovers. Founded in 1993, the Artron Art Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

The involvement of Artron and its Chairman Mr. Wan Jie in Art in China is completely uncontested. He is also Vice-Chairman and Founder of the Institute of the famous Forbidden City, where he and thierry Ehrmann visited government offices that are closed to the public during the recent trip to Beijing.

Artprice subscriptions sold exclusively by Artron in China will therefore reach directly into the heart of the need identified by Artron within China's domestic market. Similarly, Artprice will be accessible via Artron.Net's home page and all the Chinese social networks where Artron is omnipresent.

Artprice's press agency, ArtMarketInsight, together with Artron's editors, have decided to post around thirty daily dispatches in both Chinese and English aimed at combining information about the Chinese art market with information about the Western art market.

Numerous synergies have already been identified from our joint working sessions and the merging of Artprice/Artron teams with the similar functions. Given the extent of strategic, financial and economic involvement with Artron, Artprice has decided to appoint a Chief Executive responsible for its Chinese and Greater Asia operations, who will reside in Beijing and work closely with Artron's teams.

With this major breakthrough, Artprice will further strengthen its position as World Leader in Art Market Information. 

In the context of this extraordinary alliance with Artron and the massive potential for new customers in China, Artprice is anticipating a major boost to its 2019 sales and profits. 

About the Artron Group: 

"Artron Art Group (Artron), a comprehensive cultural industrial group founded in 1993, is committed to inheriting, enhancing and spreading art value. Based on abundant art data, Artron provides art industry and art fans with professional service and experience of quality products by integrated application of IT, advanced digital science and innovative crafts and materials. Having produced more than 60,000 books and auction catalogues, Artron is the world's largest art book printer with a total print volume of 300 million a year. It has more than 3 million professional members in the arts sector and an average of 15 million daily visits, making it the world's leading art website. Founded in 1993, the Artron Art Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. It is the first choice for art professionals, investors, collectors and art fans in general wishing to discover and/or participate in the art world or the art market. Founded in 1993, Artron Art Group is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year."

According to the Artron Group and its founder-Chairman Mr. Wan Jie "After 7 years of cooperation, Artron and Artprice have optimised their cooperation regarding the Chinese and Western art markets. The founders and Chairmen of both companies, Mr. Wan Jie and Mr. Thierry Ehrmann, with their enthusiasm for art, will create a Silk Road linking the Chinese and Western art markets on the principle of respect and mutual cooperation. The two groups will build a global, diversified and professional exchange platform in the Art Market, which will ultimately promote the sustainable development of the Global Art Market.

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About Artprice: 

Founded by thierry Ehrmann (see Who's who certified Biography ) (c) ).


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